Sustainable Bioenergy for the Energy Transition

An evaluation of the role of bioenergy in the global energy transition.

Renewable Energy Auctions: Objectives Beyond Lowest Price

A presentation focused on auctions trends, weaknesses and strengths.

NDCs and Renewable Energy Targets

The presentation offers insights into net zero targets and renewable energy component of NDCs.

Heating and Cooling in the Energy Transition: The Path to 1.5°C

An analysis of renewable heating and cooling in the energy transition at International Sustainable Energy Conference 2022.

Green Hydrogen: Towards Realising the Global Potential

Presentation focused on green hydrogen and its key role in the energy transition.

Introduction to Energy Statistics

IRENA specialists offer insights into how energy statistics are at the centre of analysis of targets, NDCs, other development goals and investment plans.

World Energy Transitions Outlook 2022: 1.5°C Pathway

The Director-General’s presentation on the key findings from the the second edition of the Outlook at the 8th annual Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue.

The Geopolitics of the Energy Transformation: The Hydrogen Factor

The Director-General’s presentation on the key findings of the report focusing on the role of hydrogen in the geopolitics of energy at the 12th Session of the IRENA Assembly.

Reaching Zero with Renewables: Eliminating CO2 Emissions from Industry and Transport in line with the 1.5C Climate Goal

Recommendations for decarbonisation of transport and industry presented at the COP26.

Renewable Energy and Jobs: Annual Review 2021

The special edition of IRENA’s Annual Review, developed in cooperation with ILO, features labour and policy perspectives on renewable energy employment.