Solar Power Development in Africa: Main Challenges and Key Opportunities for Development

An evaluation of the role of renewable energy in the African power sector at the Global Solar Council Virtual Forum.

Central American Electrical Interconnection System (SIEPAC)

IRENA specialists analyse the case of Central American energy sector at the ESCAP-GTI Seminar on Energy Cooperation in North-East Asia.

IRENA’s View on Uptake, Integration and Harmonization of Renewables in Albania

An assessment of the key conditions of renewable energy deployment in the country as part of the UNECE RE-Uptake Project.

COVID-19 Impacts on the RE Sector in Africa: Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives

An assessment of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the renewable energy sector in Africa.

IRENA’s Initiatives for Advancing Renewables for Energy Access

IRENA engages in a wide range of projects to facilitate investments in energy access solutions, featured in the event organised by UNDP and IRENA.

Renewable Energy and Electricity Interconnections for a Sustainable Northeast Asia

An analysis of the current energy landscape in the region at the joint workshop to discuss next steps on North-East Asia Regional Power Grid Interconnection.

Sector Assessment for the Electrification of Primary Health Care Facilities in Burkina Faso

IRENA presents the project, in collaboration with the Health and Energy Ministries of Burkina Faso, to support energy access in health system in the country.

IRENA’s Engagement in Southeast Asia and Indonesia: Prospects for Energy Transitions and Implications for Energy Companies

A presentation of the renewable energy landscape and policies in Southeast Asia.

COP 26 Climate-Energy Dialogue in the Middle East and North Africa

A webinar highlighting IRENA’s support with NDCs in the region, organised by IRENA in partnership with the UNFCCC and UK COP26 Presidency.

Facilitating Small Island Developing States Access to Investment through the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative

IRENA highlights the workings of the SIDS Lighthouses Initiative and Climate Investment Platform (CIP) to support SIDS in their energy transition through the implementation of NDCs.