Collaborative Frameworks


IRENA Members have, over the years and as recently as the 10th and 11th Assembly sessions, requested IRENA to expand its work and facilitate targeted collaboration tailored to seize opportunities and address challenges associated with the continued deployment of renewables.

In response to the Members’ request, IRENA has established Collaborative Frameworks on Hydropower, Green Hydrogen, Geopolitics, Offshore Renewables/Oceans, Enhancing Dialogue on High Shares of Renewables in Energy Systems and Just and Inclusive Energy Transitions, which are serving as effective vehicles for dialogue, peer-to-peer collaboration and exchange of knowledge.

The Collaborative Frameworks contribute to the achievement of the objectives defined in the work programme and medium-term strategy of the Agency. 

The Collaborative Frameworks will serve as multi-stakeholder platforms for co-operation and co-ordinated action, bringing public, private, intergovernmental and non-governmental actors together to support and accelerate the global energy transformation, feeding into the on-going work of the Agency.

Proposed modalities 


Meetings of the Collaborative Framework will be open to all IRENA Members and States in Accession. Members of the private sector, associations, research communities, IGOs and NGOs, among others, involved in this thematic area of work will also be invited to participate.


Two Co-facilitators will be selected from the membership and will coordinate the deliberations of the collaborative framework and serve for a period of one year.


The Collaborative Framework will include workstreams, where participating members may be called upon to support in-depth discussions on specific topics of interest.


The Co-Facilitators will normally report to one IRENA Council per year or more as may be necessary, with a view to informing the membership on advances made in its workplan. Such reports may focus on experience and best practices identified, recommendations on specific thematic areas of work, areas of research, technical reports, etc.

High-Level meetings

Ministerial/High-Level meetings of the Collaborative Framework may be held, as necessary, in the context of the work of the Assembly, or annually preceding or post Assembly, as mandated by and in the context of the work of the Assembly.