Collaborative Framework on Geopolitics of Energy Transformation

The purpose of the Collaborative Framework on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation (CF-GET) is to achieve a deeper understanding of the geopolitical consequences of the ongoing energy transitions and a large-scale shift to renewable energy. CF-GET will work to provide a deeper understanding of the issues of common interest to Members. Building on the work of the Global Commission on the Geopolitics of Energy Transformation, it will consolidate the latest expert knowledge and facilitate dialogue, highlighting policy options and considerations to support governments in preparing for the global energy system of the future.

The scope of the Collaborative Framework will be addressed in the form of workstreams aiming to:

  • Provide a global platform for enhanced international cooperation on the geopolitics of energy transformation;
  • Undertake comprehensive analytical reviews of selected thematic areas and publish reports and discussion papers, providing policy-relevant options and considerations. The different work outcomes will provide a holistic view of the critical geopolitical shifts with regards to energy transition;
  • Create a community of institutions, experts, and other relevant stakeholders that can bring in expert knowledge and new insights on the geopolitics of energy transformation;
  • Develop a communication and outreach strategy to effectively disseminate knowledge and policy options and recommendations emanating from reports and discussions;
  • Lead the global discourse on the geopolitics of the energy transformation to stay abreast of the latest developments and contribute to diverse geopolitical issues where energy transitions play or should play a role.

The work of the CF-GET will commence with two workstreams proposed by and agreed upon by Members, with the active contribution of experts and a broad range of stakeholders. For the year 2021, the two workstreams are (i) the geopolitics of hydrogen economy, and (ii) the climate-energy nexus. As requested by members, the 2019 Commission report will serve as a baseline to inform further analyses. 

Members elected Germany and the UAE as co-facilitators.

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