Energy System Models and Data

Supporting the global energy transition involves wide-ranging energy modelling and analysis.

The modelling and analysis tools include:

  • Long-term capacity expansion
    • In-house System Planning Test (SPLAT) model for long-term energy planning
  • Unit commitment and dispatch
    • Energy storage and Smart Grids
    • System flexibility assessment
  • Operational planning
    • Grid integration studies
Long-term capacity expansion
Unit commitment and dispatch
Operational planning/grid studies

Tools and analyses for energy system planning and interaction

Long-term energy planning models (time resolution: hours-season)
Generation and network capacities
Geo-spatial planning models (time resolution: hours - seasons)
Network topology
Production cost models (time resolution: minutes - hours)
Highly-resolved dispatch and operational details
Static grid models (time resolution: single point)
Steady state grid currents and voltages
Dynamic grid models (time resolution: miliseconds - minutes)