Renewables Readiness Assessment: Sultanate of Oman

November 2014

A Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) identifies the actions needed to overcome a country’s barriers to renewable energy deployment, with IRENA providing technical support and expertise to facilitate consultations among different national stakeholders.

With the national power supply and fossil-fuel reserves coming under pressure from population growth and rapid industrial development, Oman has started appreciating the potential of renewable energy technologies, including small and large solar power, wind power and various hybrid power models, to mitigate fossil-fuel shortages, stimulate further economic growth, create new jobs and preserve a clean environment.

Oman’s RRA highlights challenges and opportunities for renewable energy that are typical across the Gulf region. The report enables IRENA to structure policy advice, including systematic guidelines to tackle specific policy challenges, and create the architecture for the development of innovative policy tools.

While the RRA process helps to shape appropriate policy and regulatory choices, each country determines which renewable energy sources and technologies are relevant and consistent with national priorities.

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