Webinar series on long-term energy scenarios

21 March 2019 | Energy Transition

The climate objectives of the 2015 Paris Agreement require a global transformation of the energy sector. Similarly, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals call for a shift to clean energy based largely on renewable sources and technologies. Accelerating innovation over the past decade has changed the way that energy is generated, distributed and used, as well as how the system operates and interacts with wider infrastructure.

Launched at the Ninth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) in 2018, the long-term energy scenarios (LTES) campaign aims to explore these challenges. Long-term energy scenarios have become an invaluable tool, both in facilitating international debate and guiding national policy-making to accelerate the sustainable energy transition. Although long-term scenario planning is not new, the growing complexity of modern energy systems calls for new approaches. While the right choices can bring great economic benefits, poorly informed decisions can result in significant economic costs in the form of stranded assets or failure to employ disruptive innovations to spur better economic development.

To promote the wider adoption and improved use of long-term energy scenarios, the LTES campaign is hosting a series of regular webinars.

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The webinar series will examine how best to employ scenarios in decision making, as well as how to improve scenarios for the clean energy transition and identify approaches to capacity building for governments. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with leading practitioners in this field drawn from governments and research institutions around the world. LTES webinars will be held on a near-weekly basis; for more information see the webinar series planner.

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