Collaborative Framework on Green Hydrogen

The Collaborative Framework serves as an effective vehicle for dialogue, co-operation and coordinated action to accelerate development and deployment of green hydrogen and its derivatives for the global renewable energy transformation and contribute to the achievement of the objectives defined in the work programme and medium-term strategy of the Agency. The Collaborative Framework leverages the Agency’s work on green hydrogen, the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists within IRENA’s Membership, and the benefits that may be reaped through wider global cooperation with other entities.

Participation in the Collaborative Framework is open to the private sector and other international organizations. The Hydrogen Council the International Partnership for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen in the Economy (IPHE) already participated in the second meeting.

The scope of work for the Collaborative Framework is divided in nine areas:


  • A global knowledge database for green hydrogen
  • Cooperation with existing hydrogen initiatives and other relevant actors
  • Nexus between electrolysers and renewable power
  • Transportation and distribution of hydrogen
  • Standards and Regulatory frameworks
  • Financial support
  • End-use Sectors
  • Environmental, safety aspects and social acceptance of hydrogen development
  • Applicability and relevance of hydrogen in small markets (e.g. small countries)

During 2021, the work has focused on the infrastructure, investment and certification aspects needed to enable global hydrogen trade and more broadly, the enabling measures needed to achieve a large-scale deployment. Scope of work for 2022 is still under discussion.

Additional activities under the Collaborative Framework

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