Project Navigator

Develop bankable renewable energy projects

The IRENA Project Navigator is an online platform providing comprehensive, easily accessible, and practical information, tools and guidance to assist in the development of bankable renewable energy projects.

Project Navigator

The platform facilitates the deployment of renewable energy by enabling projects to access financing more efficiently and by supporting investors and financiers in building stronger renewable energy project portfolios.

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How it works

Project Navigator provides state-of-the-art project development guidelines for several types of renewable energy projects featuring real-life case studies and practical tools such as models, checklists and forms that can be applied to prepare bankable project proposals and facilitate the access to renewable energy financing.

Bankable project development

State-of-the-art renewable energy project guidelines with tools and templates

Interactive online workspace to develop bankable project proposals

Curated search engine of renewable energy financing instruments


Project Navigator is a project facilitation platform that enables increased financing flows towards renewable energy projects, strengthening of national project development base and the dissemination of best practices for renewable energy project development. Practical benefits include:


Improve project proposals with guidance on project timelines and development approaches

and financiers

Facilitate the efficient use of renewable energy funds and lower transaction costs

Government and policy makers

Strengthen national project development capacity to prepare project proposals

Benefits for users
Online platform enabling project stakeholders to develop and finance renewable energy projects.


Project Navigator supports public and private stakeholders in improving the quality of renewable energy project proposals and accessing renewable energy financing. The platform provides project development guidelines for several types of renewable energy projects including:


Utility-scale Solar

Projects using large solar photovoltaic arrays that convert solar radiation into direct current electricity.

Distributed Solar

Projects using rooftop solar arrays or mini-grids to improve a household or a community's energy supply.


Projects using sustainable biomass feedstock or biogas to generate electricity and heat.

Wind energy

Projects harnessing the energy of wind with turbines located on land.


Projects accessing the natural heat from the Earth’s crust to pump up hot water or steam from deep wells.

Small hydropower

Projects using the energy of flowing water to generate electricity for rural electrification or productive use.

Available worldwide at no cost, the platform has a large, globally diverse and growing community of project developers and stakeholders:







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