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Renewable Pathway More Cost Effective than Fossil Fuels in Indonesia

The joint ‘Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook’ by IRENA and the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources provides a comprehensive, renewables-focused, long-term energy pathway for the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable energy system in Indonesia.

IRENA and Partners Urge Closer International Collaboration to Ramp Up Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is experiencing unprecedented momentum and given the current geopolitical turmoil leading to severe risks for global energy security, the need to accelerate its development has become even more important.

Women Entrepreneurs Invited to Be in the Vanguard of Africa’s Energy Transition

The Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Support Facility is currently inviting its third cohort of entrepreneurs in particular women, with a focus in clean cooking access.

San Salvador Declaration Strengthens Global Collaboration on Geothermal Deployment

Adopted by governments at the Second High-level Conference of the Global Geothermal Alliance, the declaration aims to accelerate geothermal deployment globally.

Solar PV Employs More Women Than Any Renewables

New IRENA report shows that solar PV industry has the highest share of full-time women employees, reaching 40% in 2021.

A Gender Perspective on Solar Employment

IRENA’s new report, Solar PV: A Gender Perspective, finds that women fare best in solar PV manufacturing, representing 47% of the workforce.

Five Cross-cutting Barriers to Bioenergy Deployment and How to Address Them

Inefficient applications of biomass must be replaced by modern and clean energy solutions, since they harm people’s health, damage the environment and reduce social well-being.

IRENA and CABEI Collaborate on Energy Transition Financing in Central America

New agreement calls for parties to work closely together to facilitate the deployment and financing of bankable renewable energy projects across the region.

A Just, Inclusive Transition Requires Workforce Readiness and Diversity

The joint IRENA-ILO report assesses impacts of the 1.5°C Scenario under which renewable energy jobs would rise from today’s 12.7 million to 38.2 million in 2030.

Renewable Energy Jobs Hit 12.7 Million Globally

New report confirms growth in renewable jobs despite multiple crises and calls for targeted industrial strategies to create stable supply chains and ‘good jobs’.