Renewable Energy Country Profiles for Africa

November 2011

This collection of country profiles takes stock of the latest developments in renewables at a country level around Africa. Each country profile provides a brief overview of energy supply, electrical generation and grid capacity, and energy access. Each country’s investment climate, targets, major projects and resource potential are also considered.

The country profiles combine elements of IRENA analysis with the latest information available from a vast array of sources in order to give a brief yet comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the situation of renewable energy that includes energy supply, electrical capacity, energy access, policies, targets, investment climate, projects and endowment in renewable energy resources. Because of the different timelines of these sources, data presented here refer to years between 2008 and 2012. Data availability also differs from country to country, which makes comparison with a wider regional group possible only for the year for which figures are available for all the members of the group; while this may not be the most recent year, the differences between countries, regions and the world remain striking.

The current country profiles are just a starting point; they will be extended upon with new indicators to make them more informative, and maintained as a live product on the IRENA website as a key source of information on renewable energy.

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