Renewables Readiness Assessment: Zambia

December 2013

A Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) identifies the actions needed to overcome a country’s barriers to renewable energy deployment, with IRENA providing technical support and expertise to facilitate consultations among different national stakeholders.

Zambia relies heavily on hydropower (and to a lesser extent coal-based generation) but could face major power deficits in the medium to long term and should consider tapping into other renewable energy resources for additional power generation. While the country aims to boost rural electricity access, local private operators need capacity-building assistance to develop bankable proposals, while local financial institutions need assistance with ascertaining risks and appraising off-grid renewable energy proposals. Biofuel production could provide the basis for a profitable export industry, but Zambia must establish strong sustainability criteria, sufficient to meet strict, mandatory international standards.

While the RRA process helps to shape appropriate policy and regulatory choices, each country determines which renewable energy sources and technologies are relevant and consistent with national priorities.

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